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Wales: latest temperature

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Updated: 2332 on Wed 23 Apr 2014
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Latest observations - 2300 on 23 Apr 2014:
Location Weather Temp Wind Vis Pressure / trend
Dir Speed Gust
Aberdaron Medium-level Cloud 9.2 °C S 13 mph 20 km 1017 hPa, Rising
Aberporth Mist 8.1 °C S 14 mph 9 km 1017 hPa, Rising
Capel Curig Partly cloudy 7.4 °C NNW 1 mph 15 km 1017 hPa, Rising
Hawarden Medium-level Cloud 10.1 °C SSE 7 mph 19 km 1017 hPa, Rising
Lake Vyrnwy Clear Sky 6.6 °C - 0 mph 30 km 1018 hPa, Rising
Milford Haven Medium-level Cloud 9.6 °C S 10 mph 18 km 1017 hPa, Rising
Mumbles Head No data 10.0 °C SW 10 mph N/A 1018 hPa, Rising
Pembrey Sands Medium-level Cloud 10.9 °C S 16 mph 18 km 1017 hPa, Rising
Rhyl Clear Sky 8.1 °C SSW 5 mph 30 km 1017 hPa, Rising
Sennybridge Partly cloudy 5.5 °C NNE 1 mph 28 km 1018 hPa, Rising
St Athan Medium-level Cloud 9.1 °C ENE 2 mph 20 km 1018 hPa, Rising
Trawsgoed Partly cloudy 8.7 °C S 5 mph 23 km 1017 hPa, Rising
Valley Clear Sky 10.1 °C S 11 mph 40 km 1016 hPa, Rising

Observations are subject to final quality control after publication on this web site.

24 hours ending 2200 on 23 Apr 2014:
Highest max 0900-2100 15.4 °C Cardiff Bute Park
Lowest max 0900-2100 11.1 °C Lake Vyrnwy
Lowest min 2100-0900 5.5 °C Sennybridge
Highest rainfall 2100-2100 14.8 mm Pembrey Sands
Sunniest 2100-2100 2.1 hours St Athan
Last updated: 0003 on Thu 24 Apr 2014

During snow events, rainfall amounts are subject to error until final quality control is done.

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We’ve upgraded

Old Met Office computer

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Why have we done this?

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