Europe climate

View climate descriptions for regions and countries across Europe.

  • Situated within and bordering the Mediterranean sea, the Balearic Islands and North Africa typically experience a Mediterranean climate.

  • Central Europe, including parts of France, Germany and the Netherlands among others, experiences a temperate climate.

  • Places in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, including Sardinia, Sicily and Malta, all receive a Mediterranean climate.

  • Find out about the climates of countries in Eastern Europe.

  • The countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, including Greece and Egypt, typically experience a Mediterranean climate.

  • Europe's 10th largest country, Italy is known for its highly varied climate, largely owing to its location and shape stretching into the Mediterranean sea.

  • Located on the Iberian peninsula, Portugal is largely defined as a Mediterranean climate.

  • The south of France and the island of Corsica experience a warm Mediterranean climate.

  • Spain is dominated by three main climate types: Mediterranean, semi-arid and oceanic.

  • Turkey's climate is dominated by Mediterranean and Oceanic climates.

Last updated: 22 May 2015

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