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About our sustainable procurement processes.

We are committed to operating ethically and with integrity across all our business relationships, including our interaction with suppliers and customers.

Sustainable Procurement

In recognition of the environmental and social impact of procured goods, services and works, we aim to:

  • Always purchase from suppliers that operate sound environmental policies, and whose practices are sustainable and ethical;
  • Work with key suppliers to help spread sustainability improvements through the supply chain wherever possible.

Our procurement team works to meet all appropriate legislative and best practice standards, as captured in our Environmental and Sustainable Procurement Policy. This includes working in line with the Government Buying Standards and the Greening Government Commitments.

Building relationships

The Met Office is a member of the following local organisations that promote sustainable procurement: 

  • Devon Procurement Partnership - a collaboration between Devon public sector organisations
  • Green Accord - an accreditation scheme that helps companies to implement sustainable working practices in their business

Modern Slavery Act

Met Office Modern Slavery Act: link here

Modern Slavery Helpline on Tel: 08000 121 700 or online at:

Supporting SMEs and the Third Sector

We encourage participation of SMEs and the Third Sector in its supply opportunities and we work to remove some of the barriers faced by these organisations during the purchasing process.


Whenever appropriate opportunities are available, consideration is given to:

  • Flagging contract opportunities that are considered suitable for SMEs within the advertisement process;
  • Using lots within the tender procedure by breaking down the particular requirements and providing opportunities for SMEs and Third Sector;
  • Asking main suppliers to evidence their achievement of value for money through the effective use of their supply chain, including how SMEs and the Third Sector can gain access to their sub-contracting opportunities;
  • Requiring the delivery of workshops with SMEs and Third Sector organisations on the selection of sub-contractors by prime contractors supplying large construction contracts;
  • Accepting equivalent standards and evidence from organisations bidding for contract opportunities;
  • Accepting both private and public sector-based references and evidence of capability from bidders.

Invoice Payments

We aims to reduce all invoice payment times to 10 working days and is a signatory of the UK government Prompt Payment Code.

Wherever possible, these terms are passed on to any sub-contractors engaged in support of a Met Office contract.

Encouraging Collaboration

The Met Office supports Procurement Connection - a community interest company connecting local public sector organisations with their local business community.

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