The Met Office's Exeter office on a summer's day

COVID-19 statement

We want to let you know about the steps the Met Office has been taking to ensure we can continue to support our customers and the public during this challenging time. 

Our key priorities are to protect the health and well-being of our staff, while maintaining the critical safety-of-life services that the public, government and industry rely on.   

What steps are we taking?

Update August 2020

Since the beginning of August. we have begun to bring a small number of people back into our offices across the UK to enable them to deliver key services and work in a way that promotes individual well-being. 

The buildings have been adapted to protect the health and well-being of our staff and to provide a working environment that is safe and as familiar as possible. 
We continue to work hard to deliver the most important and urgent activities to help keep British people and interests safe and the UK operating. In consulation with customers and partners, we continue to review and adapt our plans around public and customer services and remain dedicated to delivering our best during this unprecedented time.

Update March 2020

Following the government advice, most of our teams are now working from home successfully, making use of teleconferencing and remote working tools to minimise social contact where possible.

Our well-rehearsed contingency plans mean we have been able to act quickly and will continue to be flexible as the situation develops. We are very pleased that we have been able to complete this transition with no impact on our delivered services. We are currently delivering our full range of services even with these changes.

We will be extending this approach to encompass nearly all remaining on-site workers over the next few days. 

Business continuity plans

We recognise that the current situation is likely to be prolonged, so we are using our established business continuity plans to prioritise the most important and urgent activities which help keep British people and interests safe and the UK operating.

These include: 

  • continuing to provide forecasts and warnings in the event of severe weather such as National Severe Weather Warning Service, Shipping Forecast and other warnings for the public to keep people and property safe. 
  • maintaining services on which other parts of the nation’s critical infrastructure depend such as for the water and energy industries as well as supporting the defence community. 
  • supporting central government, the emergency services and local resilience forums who are helping manage the current crisis. 

Ongoing review

We will need to stop, pause or slow some of our normal activities in order to focus on the most critical and urgent. Therefore, we are continually reviewing our plans around the services we will be able to confidently maintain for our customers and the public.

The situation we find ourselves in is unprecedented, and it is likely that we will not be able to sustain 100% of our operations indefinitely given the prolonged nature of the situation and the wide breadth of our services.

Our relationship managers will be working closely with their counterparts on the likely implications for services. They will be working to identify any operational issues related to COVID-19 which may affect how we work together. 
This is a constantly and rapidly evolving situation and only by working together can we find the necessary solutions we need to meet the challenges we all face. 
Thank you for your understanding and support during this period.  We wish you all well at this challenging time.

Prof. Penny Endersby, Met Office Chief Executive