The Met Office building surrounded by lawn and trees

Your weather website

That’s why our updated, modernised website is based on feedback from our users, so we can be sure that you have easy access to the very latest weather forecasts and vital safety information like our Weather Warnings.

We know it’s important for you to have the right weather information, when you need it, in the most accessible and straightforward format for you. Whether you’re on a mobile, tablet or computer, our updated site will be optimised for you.

In October 2018 we released a Beta version of the updated website, so that we could test out new ideas with you. Since then we’ve received feedback from thousands of users, which we’ve collected to help us improve these pages to ensure they are meeting your expectations. After months of updates based on your feedback, these pages are now ready to take out of Beta and push live to update the equivalent pages on the current website.

For now we’ve just updated the first few webpages, so for a while you’ll see a mix of old and new webpage styles across the website. Over time we’ll keep adding new pages as more become ready to share with you, so that gradually the whole website is updated.

We want you to love our updated website, so please tell us what you think by sending us your feedback via the banner at the top of every page.


Emily Hutton
Website Product Owner, Met Office