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Climate Week

Highlighting the efforts being made to help combat climate change

The Met Office is proud to be the lead science advisor for Climate Week, a national occasion highlighting the efforts being made to help combat climate change.

Climate Week will shine a spotlight on the many positive steps already being taken in workplaces and communities across Britain.

Thousands of businesses, charities, schools, councils and others will run events throughout Climate Week, which takes place during 21-27 March 2011. Tesco is the headline sponsor of Climate Week and it will be promoting this event throughout the country.

Our role as lead science advisor is to explain some of the key science issues around climate change, answering questions such as 'What is the climate system?' and 'How does the weather drive our climate?'.

Professor Julia Slingo, Met Office Chief Scientist, says: "Whenever we talk about climate change it's important we do so with a proper understanding of the science. That's why I'm very pleased for the Met Office to be associated with Climate Week. We hope our science will help people understand what our climate is and how it works."

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The climate section of our website provides information and resources to help you understand more about our climate, climate science and climate change. Keep visiting our website regularly to see the latest news and features.

People will demonstrate what can be achieved, share ideas and encourage thousands more to act during the rest of the year.

Climate Week takes place 21-27 March 2011.

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