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Weather Book

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We've linked up with Dorling Kindersley to produce a weather book.

In partnership with publishers Dorling Kindersley we have produced a Weather book as part of its Eyewitness Companion series.

Weather is just one of a series of books by DK which explain complex science to the layman. From teenagers to adults, the book is a one-stop guide of all you need to know about meteorology - whatever your age or knowledge.

Drawing on the expertise from across the Met Office, the book covers a wide range of areas in six chapters, focusing on how weather works, weather phenomena, world climates, forecasting and climate change. The text goes hand-in-hand with pictures and schematic diagrams.

The final chapter of the book looks at climate change and uses world-class science from the Met Office Hadley Centre to explain all aspects of global warming, from history to impacts.

The book was written with the help of Ross Reynolds, freelance writer and senior teacher of Meteorology at the University of Reading.

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