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Met Office Conversations

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'Met Office Conversations' are a series of essential roundtable debates with key influencers and thought leaders across public and private sector to discuss hot topics affecting the UK

The weather is well known for breaking the ice in conversations, and we've decided to get people talking as part of our series of critical debates.

About our roundtables

Our roundtable events bring together thought-leaders and key influencers to discuss a variety of important topics surrounding our work and the environment that affects us.  Key stakeholders from across Government and the Private Sector as well as influential groups are invited to discuss key topics in a short, focused session.

Our roundtables held to date:

  • Water in the 21st century
  • Food for Thought: agricultural innovation and technology
  • Climate security and what it means to the UK and globally
  • Natural hazards and how the UK can better prepare for and manage them
  • Airport-Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) and the benefits of sharing information in real-time
  • Renewable energy

Developments from previous roundtables

The conversations so far have been used to inform the Met Office's strategies, help resolve general industry issues and have provided a structured forum for high-level networking both between organisations and between central government and industry. 

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