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Communicating risk and uncertainty

Communicating science can be very complex.

From MMR to volcanic ash, UK scientists often find themselves in the media spotlight grappling with the challenging task of communicating risk and uncertainty.

This event aims to explore the similar issues that exist across diverse disciplines - how complex science messages are 'packaged' and how they are received. 

As well as the need to unravel complex science into understandable language and terms, we'll be:

  • Looking at practical and psychological drivers - how do audiences receive scientific terms such as uncertainty, bias and error and why might they not be listening? 
  • Working with a media partner to look at the role and drivers of media coverage in creating enduring stories and headlines, and how this can be made to work together with the science.    

The event plans to encompass the views and learning from a range of sector expert from the worlds of science, medicine, economics, finance, insurance, policy, media, psychology, research and academia.

It will aim to establish some common guidance and tips to help make the translation of critical science more effective.     

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