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Working with the Science Museum

Working with the Science Museum (Copyright Science Museum)

The Met Office has acted as principal contributor to a new climate science gallery at the Science Museum in London.

Atmosphere: exploring climate science aims to deepen museum visitors' understanding of climate science in an enjoyable, engaging and memorable way.

It includes interactive exhibits and a variety of objects to explain how the climate system works; to show how scientists study the system, and to summarise the current state of knowledge about the climate.

Visitors to the gallery will be able to investigate:

  • An immersive 'gallery world' with its own atmosphere and landscapes. These beautiful, dynamic elements are inter-connected and programmed to respond to visitors' game-play in ways which imitate the Earth's complex system.

  • Five 'story zones', each using imaginative and engaging hands-on exhibits to explore different aspects of climate science, including; the source of the Earth's climatic zones; the way greenhouse gases affect the Earth's energy balance; and the way humans have altered the carbon cycle.

  • An Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer used to detect sea surface temperature from space, alongside objects such as a tree ring sample and a stalagmite sample, used by scientists to unravel the secrets of Earth's past climate.

  • Historical perspectives on climate science, including the work of pioneers such as John Tyndall, the first scientist to comprehend the link between greenhouse gases and global warming through laboratory experiments.

  • The information and methods climate scientists use today to assess what is happening to the climate now, and what the future may hold, as well as examples of technologies that can help us reduce the likelihood and magnitude of climatic change and cope with the effects of changes already occurring.

  • A contemplative space where visitors can access more detail on the topics that interest them and express their own thoughts on climate science.

The Met Office's climate scientists have provided in-depth information on how climate change is modelled; projected temperature rises, and the impact of these rises. They have also acted as expert checkers for the exhibition's content.

Atmosphere: exploring climate science is free and open daily 10.00 to 18.00. Visit the Science Museum's website for more information.

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