Past PWSCG Consultations


Date Survey Type Survey Results Date of next survey

2007 onwards

Public Perception Face-to-Face Survey

An annual survey carried out to gauge public perception of the Public Weather Service.

Annual Public Perception Survey 2020

Annual Public Perception Survey 2018

Annual Public Perception Survey 2017

Annual Public Perception Survey 2016*

*This report includes comparisons between the current survey results and  previous surveys back to 2012

November 2021

2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2019

Responder Satisfaction Online Survey

This survey is carried out at least every other year to gauge the responder community satisfaction with the Public Weather Service.

Emergency Responder Survey 2019

Emergency Responder Survey 2017

Responder Satisfaction Survey Comparison


2008 onwards

NSWWS Ad-hoc Telephone (or SMS) Surveys

Surveys are carried out after a weather warning has been issued.

NSWWS Ad-Hoc survey - Jan 2019 (Snow)

NSWWS Ad-Hoc survey - Jun 2019 (Rain)

NSWWS Ad-Hoc survey - Feb 2020 (Wind)

NSWWS Ad-Hoc survey - Feb 2020 (Rain)

NSWWS Ad-Hoc survey - Aug 2020 (Wind)

NSWWS Ad-Hoc survey - Oct 2020 (Rain)

NSWWS Ad-Hoc survey - Jan 2021 (Snow)

NSWWS Ad-Hoc survey - Jan 2021 (Rain)

NSWWS Ad-Hoc survey - Feb 2021 (Snow)

When required

Consultation is required to determine current and future weather information requirements for the public and the responder communities.

Consultation Subject Consultation Report What happened next
Extreme temperatures

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme Temperatures Consultation Update Nov 2014

The PWSCG agreed that the topic would be taken forward during the 2015 Responder Workshops.
PWS Value for Money Review PWS Value for Money Review The headline figure of £1.5billion economic benefits per annum to the UK economy will be used as evidence base for future PWS price discussions.

PWS International Products Consultation

PWS International Products Consultation Recommendations accepted by the PWSCG.

Seasonal Forecasting Consultation

Seasonal Forecasting Consultation Recommendations accepted by the PWSCG.

Impact of Weather and Weather information on UK SMEs

Impact of Weather and Weather information on UK SMEs

The research has been shared with the PWSCG and PWS.