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MetMark - recognising excellence in weather teaching

MetMark badge

The Royal Meteorological Society and Met Office are delighted to announce this new award to recognize excellence in weather teaching.

Who can apply?

Any UK school - primary or secondary.

How to apply

Send no more than one page of evidence to demonstrate that, in the last 6 months, your school has fulfilled two or more of the following:

  • Running a weather station, involving the students in the observations and using the data.
  • Making other regular weather observations.
  • Making regular contributions to WOW the Weather Observations Website (data or photos).
  • Running a weather blog regularly for at least 3 months.
  • Having some sort of ongoing connection with a STEM ambassador in connection with weather related activities.
  • Running a weather club, or doing weather related activities as a significant part of a science or geography club.
  • Evidence of good weather fieldwork.
  • Borrowed and used instruments from the RMetS.
  • Planned, launched and evaluated a weather balloon launch with a significant meteorological learning aspect to the launch (not just 'teddy into space').
  • Cross-curriculum weather topic.
  • Teacher as active member of RMetS education committee/ virtual education committee.
  • Teacher attended weather training day delivered by RMetS.
  • Some other evidence of excellent weather teaching.

Applications should be sent to

There is no charge associated with applying for the MetMark.

Schools will be awarded a dated certificate signed by the Chief Executives of the RMetS and of the Met Office as well as an electronic badge for the school website.

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