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Conditions of use

The information on the aviation pages is intended for aviation purposes within the UK. These data are for personal use only, i.e. they should not be passed on to other people or reproduced in any way. If you require data for commercial purposes, please contact Users outside of the UK should not use these data, unless they have sought permission from their own met. authority to do so. The Met Office reserves the right to deny access to those believed not to conform to these requirements.

Please note that if you do not access the service during an 18 month period your account will expire, and you will need to re-register before you can access the service again.

Statement of operational use for the aviation briefing service

The user understands and accepts that the aviation meteorological data on the Met Office web site:

(a) may only be used for aviation purposes as defined in Annex 3 of the ICAO Chicago Convention of 1944,

(b) may only be accessed and used by users outside the United Kingdom with the approval of the national meteorological authority in each state concerned,

(c) can not be guaranteed to be suitable for operational use, and

(d) may only be used in line with the Met Office Website terms of use.

While every reasonable effort has been taken to ensure that only timely TAFs and METARs are displayed on this web site the Met Office cannot guarantee that only current TAFs and METARs will be available to users. Users should also be aware that support for this web site will only be available during normal business hours.

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