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Statement of Operational Use

The information available from the general aviation briefing service is intended only for aviation purposes for flights originating within the UK.

These data are made available for personal use only, i.e. they should not be passed on to other people or reproduced in any way. If you require briefing information for commercial purposes, please contact

The user understands and accepts that the aviation meteorological data on the Met Office web site:

  1. May only be used for aviation purposes as defined in Annex 3 of the ICAO Chicago Convention of 1944
  2. Is primarily intended for use by United Kingdom residents within the United Kingdom
  3. May only be used by UK pilots briefing for flights originating outside of the UK with the permission of the local meteorological authority
  4. May only be accessed by users resident outside of the United Kingdom with the approval of the local meteorological authority of the state concerned
  5. Cannot be guaranteed to be suitable for operational use
  6. May only be used in line with the Met Office Standard Terms and Conditions.

The Met Office reserves the right to deny access to those believed not to conform to these requirements.

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