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SADIS procurement guidelines

Prospective SADIS users should follow the procurement process given on this page

1) Contact the State Meteorological Authority of the State within which access to the SADIS is required - i.e. the physical locations from which data from the SADIS will be downloaded - and seek prior approval to access SADIS.

The State Meteorological Authority contact details can be obtained from Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP), or the ICAO Directory of National Civil Aviation Administration's (DGCA) Directory.

It is strongly recommended that this first step be undertaken before any contracts or financial commitments are entered into. If the State Meteorological Service declines approval to access SADIS, the SADIS Provider cannot overrule that decision.

2) Forward copies of the Approval documentation to:

  • MET Officer of the appropriate ICAO Regional Office (contact details can be provided by Sadis Manager:
  • Head of UK Meteorological Authority, Civil Aviation Authority, CAA House, 45-59 Kingsway, London WC2B 6TE, United Kingdom.
  • SADIS Manager, Met Office, FitzRoy Road, Exeter, Devon EX1 3PB, United Kingdom

3) Contact the SADIS Manager ( to register an interest in accessing SADIS. On the assumption that approval from the relevant State Meteorological Authority (item 1 above) has been obtained, a simple administrative registration process will follow.

4) IMPORTANT: Only on receipt of appropriate approvals can access to SADIS FTP be granted. Note, if the State withdraws approvals then access to SADIS FTP can no longer be provided.

5) Determine whether or not your organisation will a) procure SADIS workstations from existing manufacturers or b) develop bespoke software to access SADIS.

a. In the case of procuring SADIS Workstations/software from existing suppliers, please refer to detail provided here: .

b. A number of providers have undertaken SADIS Evaluations. More details regarding SADIS Evaluations are provided here: (

c. In the case of developing bespoke software, please refer to detail provided on the Bespoke systems

6) In all cases, a suitably reliable internet connection will be required, and it is recommended that - for resilience and redundancy purposes - services from two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are considered. It is recommended that the minimum bandwidth for SADIS FTP connections is 512 kilobits per second and ideally 2048 kilobits per second (note, if the internet connection is used for additional services, due allowance should be made when specifying overall bandwidth requirements with the ISP).

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