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SADIS software evaluations

List of required software functionalities

Results from the fourth software evaluation (2014)

  1. IBL Software Engineering
  2. Institute of Radar Meteorology
  3. NetSys
  4. Corobor
  5. Info-Electronics Systems Inc.


Results from the third software evaluation (2008/2009)

  1. Corobor Systems third evaluation
  2. 3SI / GST third evaluation
  3. IBL Software Engineering third evaluation
  4. Info-Electronic Systems Inc third evaluation
  5. Institute of Radar Meteorology third evaluation
  6. MapMaker Group Ltd third evaluation
  7. MeteoFrance International third evaluation
  8. NetSys International third evaluation

Important general notes

The software evaluation process does not certify or endorse any single software application, neither does it recommend one application over another. The software evaluations are the results of software reviews that the Met Office has carried out on behalf of the ICAO SADIS Operations Group. The purpose of these reviews is to verify whether the applications can deliver certain minimum functions which the SADIS Operations Group considers are essential for the correct use of the WAFS and OPMET data.

It remains the responsibility of the user to ensure that procured software meets their full requirements. It is not intended that the software evaluations fulfil this task. The results from the software evaluations may be used as one additional source of information to aid any procurement process but should not be viewed in isolation of other important procurement requirements.

List of required software functionalities

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