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List of required software functionalities

For SADIS software to be evaluated as compliant, it will be required to demonstrate a series of criteria as specified here:

 SADIS Fourth Round Evaluation Criteria

As agreed by SADISOPSG/6, refined by SADISOPSG/8, and mostly recently updated by WG-MOG/3 (SADIS), June 2016. For a software package to receive acknowledgment of 'compliance' in the summary table, all objectives in the detailed description need to be demonstrated as 'Compliant'.

For every workstation provider that is willing for their software to be evaluated under these criteria, it is our intention to make the information available to all existing and prospective SADIS users via the SADIS web page.

Important Note - Scope of Evaluations:

It should be noted that the evaluations are 'high level' evaluations of functionality, and not detailed technical certifications of compliance.

Note that:

a) The software evaluation process does not certify or endorse any single software application; neither does it recommend one application over another. The software evaluations are the results of software reviews that the Met Office has carried out on behalf of the ICAO SADISOPSG. The purpose of these reviews is to verify whether the applications can deliver certain minimum functions which the SADISOPSG considers are essential for the correct use of the WAFS and OPMET data; and

b) It remains the responsibility of the user to ensure that procured software meets their full requirements. It is not intended that the software evaluations fulfil this task. The results from the software evaluations may be used as one additional source of information to aid any procurement process but should not be viewed in isolation of other important procurement requirements.

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