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MeteoFrance International third evaluation

Evaluation of AeroMetWeb Version 1.4

Evaluation completed 22 September 2011. An evaluation of AeroMetWeb Version 1.4 application against the ICAO SADISOPSG/13 (adjusted to Amendment 75) criteria has resulted a compliant rating.

Software functionality
Available Y/N
1. Display of OPMET data and other data types in text format Y Fully compliant
2. WAFS GRIB decoder and compliant display package Y Fully compliant
3. WAFS SWH and SWM BUFR decoder and compliant display packageYCompliant, but with recommendations for improvements. See note below.
4. Display and ability to prompt users of the arrival of chart amendments YFully compliant
5. Display and ability to prompt users of the arrival of SADIS administrative messagesY Fully compliant
6. Display of tropical cyclone advisory statements Y Fully compliant
7. Display of volcanic ash advisory statements Y Fully compliant
8. Display of volcanic ash trajectory/dispersion charts Y Fully compliant
9. Display bulletin contents from the WMO header YFully compliant

10. Display of Special AIREPs

Y Fully compliant
11. Display of WAFS SIGWX charts in the PNG chart formatY Fully compliant

12. Ability to receive all the SADIS products via FTP from the SADIS FTP Service

Y Fully compliant

Note: For the majority of occasions, the visualisation of SIGWX weather features is clear and unambiguous. However, the visualisation of complex weather situations (EURO Chart for example) the user is occasionally required to study surrounding features in order to confirm the correct interpretation. It is recognised that the system follows the advice given in section 1.3.4 the 'Representing WAFS SIGWX Data in BUFR V4.2' with regard to placement of the arrows on the boundary of the object.

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