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Aviation met. service providers

Aircraft coming into land

Helping you provide the most cost effective and efficient aviation met. service.

As the UK's designated provider of low-level met. data, the Met Office is able to provide everything from training to running your aviation met. service.

We are able to provide the following services:


Airport Inspections

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requires member States to regularly inspect airport meteorological services to ensure the regulated services provided comply with ICAO Annex 3.

The Met Office offers unrivalled experience and expertise in this area, regularly assessing the level of compliance at airports both in the UK and other countries, to satisfy this ICAO requirement.

We are able to assess against all, or any part, of ICAO Annex 3, including observations, instrumentation, communications, pre-flight briefing and forecasts. We also provide an executive summary and actions arising, to ensure compliance with ICAO. We can provide detailed written reports to the meteorological service provider and regulator, advising on overcoming non-compliance issues arising from the inspection.

Single European Skies

We are able to provide consultancy, training and met. provision in accordance with the Single European Skies (SES) guidelines.

As a Single European skies-certificated provider of meteorology, the Met Office has unrivalled experience in the running of a cost-effective, reliable aviation met. service. As such, we can work with you to reduce costs, enhance competitiveness, and provide a more effective service for aviation.

We have already worked with Austrocontrol to reduce its costs, enhance its competitiveness and provide a more effective service for aviation. We used our many years of experience in handling the pressures from a met. authority on a met. service to help us with this task.

Helping you with our knowledge

  • Consultancy and low-level aviation met. services for European countries
  • Improved cost-effectiveness and competitiveness of aviation met. services
  • Rapid upgrading of infrastructure
  • Compliance with ICAO standards

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