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A bright outlook

Following the success of Design Storm last year, we've continued building links with universities and colleges. We've helped to mentor students, sharing our knowledge and discussing projects, as well as helping to inspire Met Office staff by showcasing the creativity of students.

Recently we helped inform a data visualisation module for the Graphic Communication with Typography degree course at Plymouth University, including setting challenges around the presentation and communication of weather and climate data. Some of theĀ  responses are shown here.

We were excited to run Design Storm 201 as part of the Design and Art Direction (D&AD) New Blood Festival, bringing together university students and creatives both from agencies and across Government to inspire, connect and create.

1. Jack Breedon
2. Kiera Needham
3. Ellen Roberts
4. Kaisa Koisti
5. Danielle Bennett
6. Emma Burton
7. Eve Whitehead
8. Katie Hanson