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Art and the elements

Artist Tony Plant has been has been creating a diverse range of work for more than twenty years. He interacts with the environment transforming beaches into canvasses by drawing in the sand using a rake. He then leaves the drawings to be washed away by the waves.

Tony describes how weather is intimately linked with his work:

"I was born on the south coast of Cornwall, so I learnt to read a weather map from an early age. Weather, tides, wind and clouds affect every aspect of my work, not simply the where, when and how but the actual physicality of the spaces I work in. Low pressure systems and the winds associated with them will change the very colour of the beaches I draw on by scouring and replacing one weight/colour sand with another, overnight! Coastlines, and the memories associated with them, change shape daily, my paintings and whole beach drawings are a personal response to spending time in that environment, at that intersection between water, rock, sand, weather, memory and time."

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