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Partnerships that save lives

The Met Office works together with many organisations and charities to save lives. Here are just a few case studies that showcase the remarkable work of our partners and how we support them to save lives in the UK and globally.

The Fire Service

Jeremy Williams from Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service explains how different weather can impact on people's behaviour and how working together with the Met Office helps the service prevent accidents and fires to save lives.


Air Ambulance

Paul Smith, Unit Chief Pilot for Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance explains the critical service Air Ambulance crews provide to save lives, and how an accurate forecast can really mean the difference between life and death.



Bruce Pell, ShelterBox volunteer describes the lifesaving emergency aid ShelterBox provides to help people affected by conflict and natural disasters to survive and rebuild their lives. ShelterBox uses Met Office information to track severe global weather events so they can plan for where and when aid is most needed.

Since it was founded ShelterBox has helped more than one million people worldwide.



Colin explains how RNLI volunteers drop everything at a moment's notice to respond to emergencies, saving lives every day in the most difficult conditions. The Met Office advises RNLI to help prepare for and take action in response to deteriorating weather conditions, flooding and storm surges.