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When it matters

We recently launched our When it matters promotional campaign with visuals representing moments in time that really matter to you - whether you're avoiding showers while walking the dog, running in the park on a sunny day, jumping in muddy puddles, or picking the right time for taking those important wedding photographs.

The new When it matters campaign highlights that we know the weather is just as important in your everyday life as it is in times of severe weather and our new app can keep you up to date, whatever you are planning.

The first burst of the new When it matters campaign focussed on the new Met Office Weather app, which launched in June. The app has lots of new features including a seven-day forecast, snapshot weather summary page, a national weather video, a rainfall video and push notifications for severe weather and pollen alerts.

The national weather video is presented by our trained meteorologists and presenters and updated three times a day. It is the only weather app that features a UK national weather video forecast, so you can be weather wise, wherever you are.

Since launching the app we been adding new features based on feedback from users, making sure it delivers what you need when it matters. So far the When it matters campaign has focussed on digital channels so look out for the adverts and remember to download the new app so you can stay one step ahead of the weather.

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