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Learn About Weather

Blending the public’s interest in weather and climate with the learning resources of the Met Office has led to an exciting, new course for the general public; Learn About Weather.

Learn About Weather launched in September, attracting over 10,000 people with an interactive, four-week online course, free at the point of use for the general public.

Senior Operational Meteorologist and Learning Consultant, Helen Roberts said: “The course provides accessible education on weather and climate, and requires no prior knowledge, just a curiosity about the weather.”

We worked with the University of Exeter and Royal Meteorological Society to develop the course, the Royal Horticultural Society on some of the gardening focused learning, and the Royal Photographic Society for some of the photography content.

Running over four weeks, the course involves just a few hours of learning each week. Weeks one to three cover the basics of weather, including before moving on to synoptic charts, air masses, fronts, wind and clouds. Week four focuses on leisure activities that are affected by the weather. This involves putting knowledge into practice, with specialist advice for gardeners, photographers and walkers. There’s something in there for everyone, so why not sign up yourself?

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