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UK storm season 2016/17

A summary of all the named storms from the 2016/17 storm season in the UK.

The 2016/17 storm season saw five storms named over a period of just over four months.

The first named storm was Storm Angus on 19 November 2016 bringing gusts of up to 84 mph across the south of England. 

The strongest gusts of the season were recorded during Storm Conor and Storm Doris with 94 mph recorded at Sella Ness and Capel Curig.


A-Z of named UK storm names 2016/17

Name Date named Date of impact on UK and/or Ireland
Storm Angus 19 November 2016 20 November 2016
Storm Barbara 20 December 2016 23 - 24 December 2016
Storm Conor 23 December 2016 25 - 26 December 2016
Storm Doris 21 February 2017 23 February 2017
Storm Ewan  25 February 2017 26 February 2017

Unused storm names 2016/17 

Storm Fleur
Storm Gabriel
Storm Ivor
Storm Jacqui
Storm Kamil
Storm Louise
Storm Malcolm
Storm Natalie
Storm Oisín
Storm Penelope
Storm Robert
Storm Susan
Storm Thomas
Storm Valerie
Storm Wilbert



How are storm names chosen?

In September 2015 we began our Name Our Storms campaign and asked the public to send in their suggestions for names.

The list announced in October was a combination of suggestions from Met Éireann and the most popular of the thousands of suggestions we received from the public..

UK and US Storm names?

To avoid any confusion over naming, if a storm is the remnants of a tropical storm or hurricane that has moved across the Atlantic, the well established method of referring to it as, e.g. 'Ex-hurricane X' will continue.

We will only use names that have been officially designated by the National Weather Service in the US.