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Storm Angus

Get the latest updates and forecasts on Storm Angus from the Met Office UK Storm Centre.

20 November 2016 - Storm Angus saw strong wind across the south of England and heavy rainfall causing flooding to parts of South West England.

Storm Angus impacts

Storm Angus brought strong gusts particularly to the south and south-west of England with observations of 69 - 81 mph in exposed coastal locations.

In the English Channel, a cargo ship collided with a barge  and a passenger ferry was stranded for 26 hours.  Stormy waves caused damage across the south coast with damaged reported to a sea wall at Swanage, Dorset and the main south-west railway line closed near Exeter due to flood damage.

Over 1,000 properties in the south-west of England were left without power.


Storm Angus - Maximum gust speeds (mph)
Site Name Area Max Gust (mph)
Guernsey Channel Islands 84
Langdon Bay Kent 81
Jersey Channel Islands 71
Berry Head Devon 71
Needles Isle of Wight 71


Satellite imagery of Storm Angus

The video below shows 48 hours of continuous satellite imagery as Storm Angus moved across the UK.


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Why are we naming storms?

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