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Waves breaking over the sea wall at Exmouth on 6 January 2014. Photo taken by Paul J Martin.

Storm Eva

24 December 2015 - Storm Eva was the fifth named storm of the season with gusts up to 83 mph and heavy rain exacerbating flooding in the north of England.

Storm Eva summary graphic

Storm Eva impacts

Storm Eva was named on 22 December 2015 by Met Eireann and proceeded to move across the UK bringing gales across Ireland and the northwest of the UK on 24 December.

The storm came on top of existing disruption where Storm Desmond had already brought heavy rainfall and flooding to Cumbria.

Storm Eva - Maximum gust speeds (mph)
Site Name Area Max Gust (mph)
Capel Curig Gwynedd 83
Needles Old Battery Isle of Wight 74
Abderdaron Gwynedd 70
Stornoway Outer Hebrides 68
Mumbles Head West Glamorgan 68
South Uist Outer Hebrides 67
Pembrey Sands Dyfed 66
Berry Head Devon 64

Storm Eva satellite imagery

Why are we naming storms?

'Name our storms' is a pilot project between the Met Office and Met √Čireann which aims to increase awareness of severe weather and ensure greater safety of the public.

Over the course of Autumn/Winter 2015 wind storms with the potential to affect the UK and/or Ireland will be given a name to help effective communication of the storm and its impacts.

UK Storm names 2015/16