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Storm Ewan

Storm Ewan was named by the Irish Meteorological service Met Éireann and brought strong winds to the Republic of Ireland on 26 February 2017.

Ewan brought gusty winds to parts of the UK but it wasn't a particularly strong storm. The main disruption was across southern parts of the Republic of Ireland.

Storm Ewan - Maximum gust speeds (mph)
Site name Area Max gust (mph)
Aonach Mor Highland 75
West Freugh Dumfries and Galloway 61
Ronaldsway Isle of Man 59
Malin Head Ulster 57
Sherkin Island Munster 55

Severe weather advice

We will provide latest updates on how to stay safe in severe weather on these pages.

We have advice across our website on what to do in severe weather.

Make sure to check the Severe Weather Warnings and keep up to date with your latest forecast.

Why are we naming storms?

'Name our storms' is a pilot project between the Met Office and Met Éireann which aims to increase awareness of severe weather and ensure greater safety of the public.

Over the course of 2016/17 wind storms with the potential to affect the UK and/or Ireland will be given a name to help effective communication of the storm and its impacts.