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Sustainability Commitment

We appreciate that the operations of our organisation can have impacts and we’re absolutely committed to behaving in a responsible, sustainable way. Sustainability is far from just a buzzword for us, it’s our ethos. We will never compromise the environment, the community or our people to achieve our objectives. We promise to minimise our environmental impact, act in a positive way towards our staff and customers and maximise our contribution to the wider community. Find out more about what we are doing on Sustainability.

The Staff Travel Plan (STEP)

Not wanting our workforce to have a detrimental effect on the environment or the existing transport network, we invested in a fleet of low-emission, modern vehicles which staff are encouraged to use for business travel. We encourage staff members that live near each other to car share; reducing travel costs and carbon emissions. There are also a number of buses that frequently service our headquarters, and our cycle to work scheme helps staff to purchase a bicycle and make the most of our stunning rural surroundings whilst keeping fit and cycling to us.