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Climate change on Google Earth

Google Earth screenshot showing Met Office layer

Agencies across UK Government have joined together to highlight the issues of climate change via Google Earth.

Four degree rise layer

To access the the four degree map as a layer on Google Earth you must first download Google Earth. You can then download the Met Office global temperatures layer using the link below:

Download the 4 degree Google Earth layer to explore in Google Earth

Global temperatures layer

This layer is a movie of global temperature changes for the next 100 years, produced by the Met Office Hadley Centre and information on the polar icecaps from the British Antarctic Survey. The projections were produced using a medium greenhouse gas emissions scenario. This shows where and how quickly the world could warm.

  • The temperature change animation shows global temperature changes from 2000 to 2100 from the Met Office Hadley Centre's Global Environmental Model Version 1 (HadGEM1).

  • The world gets hotter (orange/red colours) as time goes by.

  • Some regions warm more than others.

  • Illustrative information on the impacts of climate change for different regions is provided as pushpin "pop-ups" as the animation runs.

  • Click the pushpins to find out more about the possible impacts of climate change around the world.

  • In pop-ups with the Met Office logo, click our logo to find out about the impacts and come back to the Met Office website.

Google Earth

Google Earth is an interactive mapping application that allows users to navigate (or "fly") the entire globe, viewing satellite imagery with overlays of roads, buildings, geographic features, and the like.

Download Google Earth

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