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National Climate Capability

The National Climate Capability enables us to provide valuable climate services to the UK and internationally

A vital service that helps society understand climate variability and change, and enables the UK Government to respond to its effects

The Met Office Hadley Centre is home to some of the world's foremost climate scientists. Our team includes experts in monitoring and modelling global and regional climate variability, change and impacts over months, seasons, decades and centuries.

The Met Office Hadley Centre scientists carry out a programme of climate science research relevant to UK Government policy: the Met Office Hadley Centre Climate Programme. Funded by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the research produces scientific analysis and advice to inform UK Government decisions, as well as the underpinning science that supports the National Climate Capability. It also enables us to provide policy-relevant research.

The National Climate Capability is the vital service we provide to help society understand climate variability and change; it also enables the UK Government to respond to any risks or opportunities arising from it. The National Climate Capability draws on our policy-focused Climate Programme, the expertise of Met Office Hadley Centre climate scientists, our well established national and international partnerships and the Met Office's extensive experience in helping to build national resilience to weather events.

The National Climate Capability enables us to provide valuable climate services to the UK and internationally, including Climate Service UK.

Services that we have already provided within the UK include:

  • Providing advice for the development of a tidal flood risk management plan for the Thames estuary.
  • Assessing the current and future resilience of the UK electricity network to weather events.
  • Providing advice to guide climate-related decisions about maintenance and operation of Britain's national rail network.

Climate services that we have provided internationally include:

  • Helping local decision-makers develop climate adaptation strategies for the river Nile.
  • Working with the Department for International Development and the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology to build climate modelling capacity in Bangladesh.
  • Working with the World Food Programme to highlight issues surrounding climate change and food security.

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