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About Climate UK

We are a leading provider of UK climate statistics, tasked with generating climatological products and advice for a range of customers. To do this we exploit the extensive Met Office archives of past UK weather data, using analysis techniques developed by our climatologists.

What we do

  • Produce statistics for daily, monthly, seasonal, annual and long term (e.g. 30 year) time scales
  • Produce statistics for weather stations, counties, regions, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Produce monthly, seasonal and annual commentaries on the weather, comparing recent conditions with averages and past extremes
  • Produce reports on weather events of particular interest (e.g. floods, heat waves, gales)
  • Disseminate and present this information, primarily via the Internet
  • Develop analysis and presentation methods e.g. time series, GIS maps
  • Study any impacts of changes in instrumentation, observing policy or station networks on the homogeneity of the climate record
  • Support the work of our consultants, who apply climate data to solve weather-related problems for commerce, industry, Government and research (e.g. design studies, weather sensitivity analyses, climate change)


The Met Office operates an extensive network of weather stations, reporting in real time. The Met Office also coordinates the making of climate observations by a large number of voluntary climate and rainfall stations, whose cooperation is gratefully acknowledged. Climate information for the Channel Islands is supplied by the Jersey Met Department and Guernsey Met Office. Climate information for the Isle of Man is supplied by the Isle of Man Met Office.

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