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Example climate estimate


Climate estimates (1961-90)

National Grid Reference: 2530E 3710N
Lat: 53 deg 12 min 55 sec N
Long: 4 deg 12 min 6 sec W
Altitude: 15 metres above mean sea level

Max temp °C7.78.09.712.115.217.919.419.317.414.610.58.713.4
Min temp °C2.62.23. 44.97.410.111.911.910.
Mean temp °C5.
Temp range °C5.
Highest max °C16172224282931342725181734
Lowest min °C-9-8-7-3-12541-1-4-8-9
Lowest max °C-3-11471012131072-1-3
Highest min °C12111212161820201718131220
Grass min °C-0.61.2-
30 cm soil temp °C4.
Sunshine hr/day1.
Rainfall mm10772856565687495981201301231102
Wind at 10 m knots11.610.511.
Min hourly RH %79767369676870717375788073
Max hourly RH %88888888899191929190898989
Air frost days5. 421
Grass frost days17.116.915.312.
>=10 mm rain days2.
>=1 mm rain days15.611.213.010.410.910.39.511.712.315.015.715.1151
>=0.2 mm rain days19.715.017.414.114.913.713.115.115.818.719.519.5197
Snow falling days2.93.11.
Sleet/snow fall days4.
Snow lying days1.
Hail days1.
Thunder heard days0.


These estimates of 30-year averages are interpolated from values on a regular grid derived from station observations. Where relevant and possible the effects of altitude, urban areas and proximity to the coast are taken into account.

Local effects are not taken into account in producing these estimates. As a general rule this makes them less accurate in mountainous areas. In particular, days of thunder, hail, snow falling and snow lying may be unreliable in data-sparse areas such as central and northern Scotland.

Estimates are available for 1961 - 1990 for all the climate variables shown in the example.

Estimates are also available for 1971 - 2000 and 1981 - 2010 for most of the climate variables. However, highest max °C, lowest min °C, lowest max °C, highest min °C, min hourly RH %, max hourly RH % will not be included. Hail and thunder heard are not included for 1981 - 2010.

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