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Dry weather during 2003

Rainfall totals have generally been below average for most of the year, however, there have been exceptions. May, June and July have been close to or above average, whilst August and September have been exceptionally dry in many areas. October has also seen below-average rainfall in most parts.

November continued the trend of below-average rainfall across some areas. However, there was a noticeable exception across the SE of the UK, which has seen some areas having well above the average rainfall for November, and some places over double the average. A high majority of this rainfall fell between 20 and 23 November.

Most areas, except for Northern Ireland, experienced above average rainfall during December.

Dry spells in detail:

January to October 2003 dry spell |January to October 2003 dry spellJanuary to December 2003 dry Spell

August to September 2003 dry spell | August to October 2003 dry spell


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