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Meteoalarm, a web-based service to warn people travelling in Europe of severe weather, launched on 23 March 2007.

What is it?

Meteoalarm provides up-to-the minute severe weather warnings for a large number of European countries. The information is supplied by over 20 of Europe's leading national weather services, including the Met Office, and covers the most popular business and tourist destinations.

The web site uses recognisable, universal images to avoid any potential language barriers and is clear and easy to use. It uses a traffic light system on a geographical map of Europe to indicate where severe weather is expected. A range of potential weather and environmental elements are covered including heavy rain, strong wind, high and low temperatures, snow and ice, and avalanches.

You can take advantage of Meteoalarm by visiting:

Meteoalarm web site

Who is it for?

Meteoalarm is designed for those planning to travel within Europe either on holiday or as part of their work. By providing the latest information on potentially hazardous weather, people can adapt their plans and travel more safely. Detailed local warning information should always be obtained from your national weather service through the normal routes.

How do you use it?

The Meteoalarm web site is simple and intuitive to use. In one glance you can see where in Europe the weather might become dangerous. Countries are coloured depending on the level of severity of the danger and its possible impact.

For the higher awareness colours (yellow, orange and red) images are added to the right-hand side of the screen showing the types of weather expected to cause disruption and potential danger.

By clicking on a country you can access more regional information and by clicking on a region you can access more detailed information on the warnings that have been issued. This includes additional information such as expected start and end times.

Links are also provided to the national met. service of the particular country for more-detailed information.

Meteoalarm screenshot

Summary key to awareness colours
WhiteMissing or insufficent information
GreenNo particular awareness of weather is required
YellowWeather is potentially dangerous
OrangeWeather is dangerous
RedWeather is very dangerous

Who is it by?

Meteoalarm is a co-operative initiative involving more than 20 European national weather services. The web site has been developed by Eumetnet, the Network of European Meteorological Services, and is supported by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

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