Met Office Hadley Centre observations datasets
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Downscaled reanalysis output from the 20th Century Reanalysis

A Met Office Hadley Centre regional climate model, HadRM3P, has been used to dynamically downscale the NOAA Twentieth Century Reanalysis, version 2c (20CRv2c), to generate a fine-resolution reconstruction of China’s climate from 1851 to 2010 ( Amato et al, 2019: This 25 km model data have been made publicly available via Microsoft AI for Earth program See: This goes beyond the previously published data set in two important respects – daily data are provided for all key parameters and three-hourly data for a subset of them. Additionally this data set is in a format designed to work well on cloud platforms and is provided along with Jupyter notebooks demonstrating how to work with the data using Python. The work to produce this data set was carried out within the framework of the CSSP China project. Please note that the data set is static and user support is on a “best efforts” basis.