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EN3 quality controlled ocean data: Version history

EN3_v2a: differences to EN3_v1c

EN3_v2a is the latest version of the EN3 dataset. The principal differences between this and the previous version (EN3_v1c) are:
  • Updated data - data from all the source catalogues have been re-downloaded to pick up any changes and additional data.
  • Extra data source - Arctic data compiled in the ASBO project are included.
  • Changes in the objective analyses/backgrounds used in the quality control - the code used to create the objective analyses has been updated and the analysis grid has changed.
  • Argo grey list - instruments on the Argo grey list are now rejected.
  • Altimetry quality control - profiles obtained from the Argo global data assembly centres that are on the list of suspect data obtained from (Guinehut et al. 2008) are rejected.
  • This version has the same expendable bathythermograph (XBT) bias corrections as version EN3_v1c i.e. it has not had time-varying corrections applied.
Unlike previous versions of the dataset, EN3_v2a will be kept up to date with new data added each month and the objective analysis files will also be provided.


Differences between versions EN3_v1c and EN3_v1b, and between EN3_v1b and EN3_v1a can be found in:
EN3_v1 changes

Differences between EN3 and EN2

Differences between versions EN3 and its predecessor can be found in:
EN3/EN2 changes



The EN3 dataset originates from processing and quality control development performed for the EU ENSEMBLES and ENACT projects, hence the 'EN' in the name.

This page describes the differences between the versions of EN3 (EN3_v1a, EN3_v1b, EN3_v1c and EN3_v2a) and between EN3 and its predecessor EN2.


Guinehut, S., C. Coatanoan, A.-L. Dhomps, P.-Y. Le Traon and G. Larnicol, 2009. On the use of satellite altimeter data in Argo quality control, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 26, 395-402, DOI: 10.1175/2008JTECHO648.1

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