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Preliminary version of HadISST SST analysis

As part of the HadISST analysis process, analysed fields of SST are created on, or around, the 10th of the month following the month of interest. i.e. July SSTs are available around the 10th August. The complete HadISST analysis including globally-complete analysed fields of SST and sea ice is not available until the 2nd of the month two months after the month of interest. i.e. July SST and seaice data are available on, or around, the 2nd of September. The delay arises because of the way that the sea ice fields are homogenised.

Please note that the preliminary SST data will, in general, be different from the final analysis. The largest differences will typically be at high latitudes in areas affected by sea ice. There is no preliminary sea ice analysis. The preliminary analysis is an intermediate step in the HadISST processing chain and, although every effort is made to ensure that the final analysis is homogeneous, there is no guarantee that the preliminary analysis will be homogeneous with respect to the rest of the series. In order to avoid confusion only the latest preliminary file will be made available.

Preliminary data file (~131kb)

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