Met Office Hadley Centre observations datasets

How do we know the world has warmed?

The 11 indicators shown below have been compiled by the Met Office Hadley Centre for this purpose. They draw on the work of over 100 scientists from more than 20 institutions and provide, in one place, a holistic view of our climate from the depths of the oceans to the high atmosphere. Each indicator is expected to be strongly correlated with surface temperatures and for each one, multiple analyses are shown. Multiple analyses indicate which features of the series are not sensitive to the exact choice of analysis method and might be considered robust features of the climate.

In the long-term, seven of the indicators are rising and four are declining. Each of the indicators is consistent with the land surface temperature records and shows long-term warming.

The indicators were published in the BAMS State of the Climate 2009 report. If you use these images please acknowledge the source as the Met Office Hadley Centre and reference:

Kennedy J.J., P.W. Thorne, T.C. Peterson, R.A. Ruedy, P.A. Stott, D.E. Parker, S.A. Good , H.A. Titchner, and K.M. Willett, 2010: How do we know the world has warmed? [in .State of the Climate in 2009.]. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 91 (6), S26-S27.

The data are provided for documentary purposes only. If you wish to use the data in your analysis please contact the authors of the papers for the original series. Details are given in each data file. Many are publically available on the web.

Rising indicators

  1. Air temperature over land
  2. Sea-surface temperature
  3. Marine air temperature
  4. Sea-level
  5. Ocean heat content
  6. Specific Humidity
  7. Tropospheric temperature in the "active-weather" layer of the atmosphere closest to the Earth's surface
Rising indicators

Declining indicators

  1. Arctic sea-ice September extent
  2. Glacier Mass
  3. Spring snow cover in the northern hemisphere
Declining indicators

Data sets

Land surface air temperatures (4 data series)

Image png and eps

CRUTEM3, Brohan et al. (2006)
NASA GISS, Hansen et al. (2001)
Lugina et al. (2005)
NOAA NCDC, Smith et al. (2008)

Lower troposphere temperatures (7 data series)

Image png and eps

Five weather balloon data sets
HadAT2, Thorne et al. (2005)
IUK, Sherwood et al. (2008)
RAOBCORE, Haimberger et al. (2007)
RATPAC, Free et al. (2005)
RICH, Haimberger et al. (2008)
and two satellite data sets
RSS, Mears and Wentz (2009a,b)
UAH, Christy et al. (2003)

Sea-surface temperatures (6 data series)

Image png and eps

COBE, Ishii et al. (2005)
ERSSTv3, Smith et al. (2008)
HadSST2, Rayner et al. (2006)
ICOADS, Worley et al. (2005)
Kaplan et al. (1998)
SOC, Berry and Kent (2010)

Marine air temperatures (5 data series)

Image png and eps

HadMAT, Rayner et al. (2003)
Ishii et al. (2005)
Ishii et al. (2005)
MOHMAT, Rayner et al. (2003)
SOC, Berry and Kent (2010)

Ocean Heat Content (7 data series)

Image png and eps

Domingues et al. (2008)
Ishii et al. (2009)
Willis et al. (2004)
Lyman and Johnson (2008)
Palmer et al. (2007)
NODC, Levitus et al. (2009)
Gouretski and Reseghetti (2010)

Sea level (6 data series)

Image png and eps

Church and White (2006)
Gornitz and Lebedeff (1987)
Holgate and Woodworth (2004)
Jevrejeva et al. (2006)
Leuliette et al. (2004)
Trupin and Wahr (1992)

Specific humidity (3 data series)

Image png and eps

Dai (2006)
HadCRUH, Willett et al. (2008)
SOC, Berry and Kent (2010)

Stratospheric temperatures (8 data series)

Image png and eps

HadAT2, Thorne et al. (2005)
IUK, Sherwood et al. (2008)
RAOBCORE, Haimberger et al. (2007)
RATPAC, Free et al. (2005)
RICH, Haimberger et al. (2008)
RSS, Mears and Wentz (2009a,b)
STAR, Zou et al. (2009)
UAH, Christy et al. (2003)

Arctic sea ice extent (3 data series)

Image png and eps

Comiso (1999)
HadISST, Rayner et al. (2003)
Fetterer et al. (2002)

Glacier mass balance (4 data series)

Image png and eps

Cogley (2009)
Cogley (2009), interpolated
WGMS (all glaciers)
WGMS (reference glaciers)

Northern hemisphere spring snow cover (2 data series)

Image png and eps

Brown (2000)
Robinson and Frei (2000)

Alternative visualisations


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