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Data requirements - Information to process and submit data
Data formats, structure and metadata requirements are the same as CMIP5. Data should be submitted in CF-compliant netCDF format and passed through CMOR. Details of the CMIP5 requirements can be found here. These should be followed, but also noting the following notation specific to Transpose-AMIP II:

  • project_id: Should be set to TAMIP
  • experiment_id: Transpose-AMIP II uses four experiment_id's, one for each of the four groups of 16 hindcasts. These are tamip200810 tamip200901 tamip200904 tamip200907
  • realization: This is an integer (1-16) used to identify a particular hindcast within each experiment, defined as follows:
realization experiment_id=tamip200810 experiment_id=tamip200901 experiment_id=tamip200904 experiment_id=tamip200907
1 00Z 15th Oct 2008 00Z 15th Jan 2009 00Z 15th Apr 2009 00Z 15th Jul 2009
2 06Z 16th Oct 2008 06Z 16th Jan 2009 06Z 16th Apr 2009 06Z 16th Jul 2009
3 12Z 17th Oct 2008 12Z 17th Jan 2009 12Z 17th Apr 2009 12Z 17th Jul 2009
4 18Z 18th Oct 2008 18Z 18th Jan 2009 18Z 18th Apr 2009 18Z 18th Jul 2009
5 00Z 20th Oct 2008 00Z 20th Jan 2009 00Z 20th Apr 2009 00Z 20th Jul 2009
6 06Z 21st Oct 2008 06Z 21st Jan 2009 06Z 21st Apr 2009 06Z 21st Jul 2009
7 12Z 22nd Oct 2008 12Z 22nd Jan 2009 12Z 22nd Apr 2009 12Z 22nd Jul 2009
8 18Z 23rd Oct 2008 18Z 23rd Jan 2009 18Z 23rd Apr 2009 18Z 23rd Jul 2009
9 00Z 25th Oct 2008 00Z 25th Jan 2009 00Z 25th Apr 2009 00Z 25th Jul 2009
10 06Z 26th Oct 2008 06Z 26th Jan 2009 06Z 26th Apr 2009 06Z 26th Jul 2009
11 12Z 27th Oct 2008 12Z 27th Jan 2009 12Z 27th Apr 2009 12Z 27th Jul 2009
12 18Z 28th Oct 2008 18Z 28th Jan 2009 18Z 28th Apr 2009 18Z 28th Jul 2009
13 00Z 30th Oct 2008 00Z 30th Jan 2009 00Z 30th Apr 2009 00Z 30th Jul 2009
14 06Z 31st Oct 2008 06Z 31st Jan 2009 06Z 1st May 2009 06Z 31st Jul 2009
15 12Z 1st Nov 2008 12Z 1st Feb 2009 12Z 2nd May 2009 12Z 1st Aug 2009
16 18Z 2nd Nov 2008 18Z 2nd Feb 2009 18Z 3rd May 2009 18Z 2nd Aug 2009

  • initialization_method: This is an integer (1-3) used to identify the analyses used to initialise prognostic state variables. 1=ECMWF YOTC (core Transpose-AMIP II expt); 2=GMAO/MERRA re-analyses; 3=centre's own analyses.
  • table_id: Should be the name of one of the CMOR MIP tables listed below.
  • basetime: Should be days since the hindcast start time.
  • comment: A character string which should include more information on the initialisation method (e.g. how land surface and aerosols were initialised) , together with any other key information which may be of use and not contained elsewhere in the header.

CMOR MIP tables

The following MIP tables should be used with CMOR for processing Transpose-AMIP II data.
Sample data

The following files are offered as sample data (one sample file per MIP table). Note: this is not the general location where Transpose-AMIP II data may be downloaded from. Details of how to access the full dataset are here.

Submitting data

Those centres submitting CMIP5 data should generally send Transpose-AMIP II data to the same Earth System Grid gateway as they used for CMIP5. If this is not possible, or if the centre is not submitting to CMIP5, then data should be sent to PCMDI (please contact Karl Taylor to arrange this).