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Data requirements - Information to run simulations
The diagnostic list for this experiment uses a subset of the standard CMIP5 lists. As such, modelling groups submitting to CMIP5 should need to do little extra work to set up diagnostics for Transpose-AMIP II.
            •    Table ‘Amon: 2D’ but excluding tasmin, tasmax, fco2antt, fco2fos, fco2nat.
            •    Diagnostics cltisccp, albisccp, pctisccp from table ‘cfDay: 2D’.

            •    Table ‘cfDay: 3D’ but excluding clcalipso.

Diagnostics tnt, tnta, tntmp, tntscpbl, tntr, tntc, tnhus, tnhusa, tnhusc, tnhusd, tnhusscpbl, tnhusmp from table 'cfMon: 3D'.
Table 'day: 3D' (fields on selected pressure levels)
            •    Table ‘cf3hr: CloudSat/CALIPSO/PARASOL simulator output in orbital curtain format’.
  • In addition, CMIP5 diagnostic table ‘cfsites’ (which includes table ‘Amon: 2D’) is to be included. This table specifies diagnostics to be saved approximately half-hourly at particular locations (119 stations).
The above diagnostic tables include fields and curtain output from the CFMIP Observational Simulator Package (COSP). COSP is software designed to run within a GCM (or offline driven by high temporal resolution model data) and produces diagnostics which emulate several satellite observational datasets. More information, including how to download COSP and the orbital files (lon-lat position of the satellite) for the Transpose-AMIP II period, can be found at

High temporal resolution (approximately half-hourly (depending on model timestep)) data are requested for a set of key sites (the CFMIP sites). These include the location of ARM and CloudNet sites, together with several transects and other points used by a number of international projects. The (longitude,latitude) co-ordinates of the sites can be found here (ignore entries beyond 119).