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14 Jun 12 - Data from 5 models now available!
CCSM4 and IPSL-CM5A-LR have now joined CNRM-CM5, HadGEM2-A and MIROC5 as models with transpose-AMIP II data available for download - see Accessing data for details of how to do this.

15 Dec 11 - Data from 3 models now available!
MIROC5 and CNRM-CM5 have now joined HadGEM2 as models with transpose-AMIP II data available for download - see Accessing data for details of how to do this.

30 Mar 11 - Transpose-AMIP II data now available!
The first transpose-AMIP II data are now available for download - see Accessing data for details of how to do this.

30 Mar 11 - WCRP OSC session
Please consider submitting an abstract for poster session C34 (Global Model Evaluation and Projections: CMIP5 and Other Model Intercomparisons) at the WCRP OSC in Denver (24-28 Oct 2011). (See here for details of the conference.). This session is perfectly suited for the presentation of work relating to Transpose-AMIP. Whilst it is recognised that there may still only be data from a small number of models available by the workshop, this session can be used to illustrate your analysis methodology on the data available with the intention that it will be extended when data from more models are submitted.
Details about the poster session can be found at and details of how to submit abstracts can be found at The deadline for submission is April 30.

10 Nov 10 - Information available on how to process data
The data requirements section of the website has been updated with information on how to process and submit transpose-AMIP II data. This includes MIP-tables for use by the CMOR processing tool, and sample data.

05 Oct 10 - Update on centre's pledged to run the tranpose-AMIP II experiment
Following the 2010 WGCM meeting, the following centres have pledged to conduct the transpose-AMIP II experiment.

  • EC-Earth (Frank Selten)
  • IPSL (Sandrine Bony)
  • Met Office (Keith Williams)
  • Meteo France (Michel Deque)
  • MIROC (Masahiro Watanabe)
  • MPI (Bjorn Stevens)
  • MRI (Tomoaki Ose)
  • NCAR (David Williamson)

  • 30 Sep 10 - MIP tables being tested
    Transpose-AMIP II experiments have now been completed with the Met Office model and data are being converted to CMOR compliant netCDF using trial MIP tables for the project. Once these data have been successfully converted, the MIP tables will be added to this website.

    17 Nov 09 - Centre's pledge to conduct the tranpose-AMIP II experiment
    The following centres have pledged to conduct the transpose-AMIP II experiment.
    • Met Office (Keith Williams)
    • NCAR (David Williamson)
    • MPI (Bjorn Stevens)
    • IPSL (Sandrine Bony)
    • EC-Earth (Frank Selten)
    • Meteo France (Michel Deque)

    17 Nov 09 - Addition to the experimental design
    On recommendation from WGNE, in addition to the core experiment initialised from ECMWF analyses, centres are being requested to optionally submit a second set of experiments. For this second experiment, centres with their own assimilation system should use their own analyses whilst centres without their own assimilation system should be initialised from MERRA re-analyses. More details on the Experimental design page.

    2 Oct 09 - Transpose-AMIP II endorsed by WGCM
    Transpose-AMIP is now jointly endorsed by WGNE and WGCM. We believe this shows the widespread agreement on the usefulness of the experiment and hope that a large number of centres will participate, both in running the experiments and analysing the data. Catherine Senior has been appointed by WGCM as their representative on the transpose-AMIP steering committee.

    28 July 09 - Transpose-AMIP II: Call for diagnostic subprojects
    Widespread use of the Transpose-AMIP II data for research purposes is encouraged. A call for diagnostic subprojects has been launched so that the community can see what work is proposed and to act at a catalyst for further subprojects. More details are available here.

    07 July 09 - PCMDI agree to co-ordinate data hosting for transpose-AMIP
    We're delighted, and very grateful, that PCMDI has agreed to host the data for the project (either directly or through the distributed archive). We see the data sitting alongside the CMIP5 data and sharing much of the archiving/retrieval infrastructure. With their experience of analysing the CAPT data, we expect PCMDI will be interested in leading analysis subprojects and we welcome Steve Klein onto the transpose-AMIP steering committee as PCMDI's representative.

    29 May 09 - Transpose-AMIP II to be taken to WGCM for endorsement
    Christian Jakob will be presenting the plans for Transpose-AMIP II at the WGCM meeting in September 2009. Having the project endorsed by both WGNE and WGCM should help extend our reach with WGNE representing the processed-based work to feed into parametrization development and WGCM representing most of the climate modelling centres and CMIP5 (which this project has close links to). It is hoped that a representative from both WGNE and WGCM will sit on the transpose-AMIP steering committee.