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Daily temperature data used to assess urbanisation trends: download

The data are available as a set of plain text files. The complete set of stations used in this study is given in Parker_JClimate2006_StationDetails.doc (MS Word 2003 document). Data that we can make available are from two public data sources and some, but not all, national sources:

Data from  

are not available on this site

Please note that the data provided here represent the data from these sources at the time of the study. It is possible that the data for these stations have subsequently been updated and hence that the data files provided here and the data available direct from these sources now differs.

The data which we cannot release are detailed at not_available.txt.

The data are available in this format. Each individual file is at most 0.14 Mb in size, but this depends upon record length (we have not appended individual file size estimates).


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