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Tunisia weather

Tunisia view of buildings and roof tops near the beach

Tunisia is the northernmost country on the continent of Africa, and enjoys close ties to Europe thanks to its status as a vital port for travel in the Old World. With approximately 10.8 million citizens, Tunisia has enjoyed many thousands of tourists to sample its agreeable climate, specialty food and drink, and thriving cultural hotspots.

Tunisia was home to the great ancient city of Carthage; "the shining city" which held great power across the Mediterranean as a strong nation of warriors called the Phoenicians. Carthage held much of ancient Rome for almost 20 years and came very close to ending the Romans' European conquest.

Tunisia coliseum

Nowadays Carthage operates as a very popular tourist destination; a suburb of the modern capital city Tunis. The Antonin Baths are, outside of Rome itself, the location where you will find the largest remaining Roman baths in the world - while the amphitheatre is a beautiful structure which still hosts festivals and music concerts, affording visitors a chance to enjoy modern entertainment in a historically fascinating venue.

Tunisia has a warm climate between the months of May to October, temperatures averaging between 27 to 35 °C, with some rainfall increase from September. Temperatures average at a maximum 19 °C across the rest of the calendar year.

What with capital Tunis being the first city you would come across if arriving to the north by sea, the rest of the country still offers many other great places to visit among its over 63,000 square miles. If the south-eastern city named Tataouine rings a bell for sci-fi fans, it is precisely because of that reason - a big chunk of exterior scenes which went into the original Star Wars film were shot at various locations throughout Tunisia. A hotel in Matmata served as the subterranean desert home of main character Luke Skywalker; some props and set decoration used there in the film remain as exterior features of the Hotel Sidi Driss to this day.

Back in Carthage you will find an annual International Festival which hosts live music, dance and theatre every summer. Wherever you are heading in Tunisia, whether it is for the historic value or simply to soak up some sun, there is plenty to see and do within its many friendly cities and popular tourist resorts.

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