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Czech Republic weather

Czech Republic_Prague at Twilight, view of Bridges on Vltava

The Czech Republic can be found in central Europe and it shares its borders with several countries. Poland is to the north, Austria to the south, Slovakia to the east and Germany to the west. The country has a population of around 10.5 million.

The main industries relied upon by the Czech Republic are heavy goods and machine manufacturing. The country also manufactures textiles, china, glass, ceramics and pharmaceuticals along with the production of iron and steel. The main products the country produces from agriculture are sugar beet, potatoes, wheat and hops. The economy also receives a considerable income from tourism.

There are 91 civil airports in the Czech Republic offering domestic flights, with 7 of those offering international flights. There is a good network of public transport throughout the country with taxi, bus and train services running regularly to take you further afield.

The bus and train services are very reliable and with a dense network you are sure to reach your destination with ease. If you prefer to drive yourself then you can of course rent a car.

If you time your journey right you can take in one of the many festivals which the Czech Republic hosts throughout the summer. If you are visiting Prague in June then take a trip to the Respect Festival which is the longest running music festival in the Czech Republic. With a variety of music genres and plenty to eat and drink, you can dance the night away.

Sport plays a big part in the Czech Republic, the most popular being football, ice hockey and shooting. Another favourite is hiking through the Czech mountains, whether done on your own or as part of a group.

After an active holiday? Then head to the top of Ješted - the highest mountain peak of the Ješted-Kozakov Ridge. If you are visiting Prague, then stop off at the Prague Museum and St Vitus Cathedral where you can admire the amazing architecture. Prague also has its own zoo. For beautiful views head to Bohemian Paradise which is the first nature reserve in the Czech Republic. Czech Republic_Jested Tower

Famous people born in the Czech Republic include the model Eva Herzigova as well as the tennis player Richard Kragjicek.

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