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Where's hot when?

When choosing where to go on holiday, often at the top of people's list is warmth and sunshine.

With these monthly guides we can help find the right destination and the right time of year giving you an idea of what temperatures you can expect and further insight to the best times to visit.


Where is hot in January

With the northern hemisphere deep in winter, the hottest places are found south of the equator, but warm temperatures can still be found closer to home.

Where is hot in February

The southern hemisphere is the warmest place to be in February with locations from Melbourne to Barbados all offering temperatures in the high 20s.

Where is hot in March

A popular time to visit hotspots like Thailand and Mexico but also the beginning of warmer temperatures in Europe, particularly in the Canary Islands.

Where is hot in April

April can be a great month to get away for some early summer sunshine with warm temperatures across the southern parts of Europe.

Where is hot in May

From Cuba to Singapore, we've got ten of the warmest popular holiday destinations to visit in May

Where is hot in June

The beginning of Summer in the northern hemisphere, find out the warmest spots from Rome to Rio.

Where is hot in July

July sees much warmer temperatures closer to home, find out the warmest spots in July.

Where is hot in September

While September marks the end of the typical summer holiday season, there are still many destinations offering warm temperatures.

Where is hot in October

As summer draws to a close across Europe we've got a list of short and long-haul destinations to extend the summer warmth.

Where is hot in November

Despite the UK temperatures getting noticeably cooler, warm temperatures can still be found in Europe with the Canary Islands being one of the most popular choices.

Where is hot in December

Within Europe, temperatures can still average in the 20s during December, though its also a popular time for long-haul visits to the Caribbean and Southern Hemisphere.


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