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Name that cloud quiz

How well do you know your different cloud types? Have a go at our 'Name that cloud' quiz.

Name that cloud quiz

Do you know your nimbostratus from your stratocumulus, your notilucent from your irridescent? Click on 'Start' to have a go and name that cloud...

Name this cloud...




What about this one?




Alright, on to some stranger clouds .. what's this peculiar cloud called?




What about this menacing looking cloud?

Twister cloud

Funnel cloud

Whirl cloud

What's this fluffy looking cloud called?

Undulatus Asperatus

Fleece cloud

Mammatus cloud

What's this colourful cloud called?




What about this towering cloud?


Asperatus undulatus

Altocumulus castellanus

And finally... what's this unusual cloud type?

Arcus cloud

Virga cloud

Cirrus cloud

Head in the clouds

Oh dear! Seems you had your head in the clouds, it can be quite an art to tell the difference. Find out all the names and more at:

Every cloud has a silver lining...

Not bad at all, think you've got the basics, but plenty more cloud types to learn. Find out all the names and more at:

You should be very cloud of yourself!

Good job, you clearly remember your geography lessons from school. Find out all the names and more at:

You're on cloud nine!

You've proved yourself a cloud spotting expert, you could tell a cirrostratus from a cirrocumulus. Find out all the names and more at:

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