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Gardening in Summer - flowers, watering and hardening off

A lilac bush showing a flower in bloom and leaves. Author= Jjron

The changing of the seasons between spring and summer marks an important time in the gardener's calendar.

Between spring and summer months, we see a special time in the gardener's year as the risk of Frost passes and the warmer summer months begin.

We spoke with gardener Toby Buckland to get his top tips for gardening in the summer - what flowers and vegetables are good to plant, how best to water your plants and how to harden off young plants.

Find out more in the video below:

Climate averages for the UK summer:

The graphs below show the sort of temperatures we can expect during the summer months, based on averages over the past 30 years (1981-2010) across the whole of the UK. You can find out more at our Climate averages pages, including the specific figures for your location.

Average daily min (°C)
Average daily max (°C)
Average rainfall (mm)
Average days of air frost

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