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Archive projects

Scanning a weather chart from our archive

Information on projects and collaborations involving the National Meteorological Archive.

The National Meteorological Archive holds records that are both of interest to the general public and also support the work of a range of other customers, including journalists, historians and research scientists. We also work in collaboration with other organisations to help preserve rare, historic meteorological publications and papers.

The international Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth initiative (ACRE)

With the support of resources such as the National Meteorological Archive the ACRE initiative aims to undertake and facilitate the recovery of instrumental terrestrial and marine global surface weather observations. These observations will make it possible to create computer reconstructions of past global weather conditions spanning the last 200-250 years. The vast of amount of global historical weather data that is being scanned and digitised comes from a variety of sources, such as ships' logs that are held in various archival repositories, including our own.

 ACRE and the National Meteorological Archive has details about our links with this project.Ships Log

The Royal Meteorological Society

You can find the great early writings on meteorology from such pioneers as Aristotle, Robert Boyle, Francis Bacon and Luke Howard, in our collection of historical meteorological literature. These form part of a rare book collection that we maintain in co-operation with the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS).

History of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography

The RMetS History Group, as it is more widely known, is a special interest group of the RMetS and we have formed close links with this group over the years. Their committee includes a mixture of experienced academics, meteorologists, and former and current National Meteorological Library and Archive staff, so there is a great deal of experience among them. Part of their remit is to encourage the study of the history of meteorology and physical oceanography and to encourage publication of research in this field and to improve awareness of publications. Clearly the library and archive has a role to play in supporting them in these aims through our resources and we too can widen our experience by learning from the group's activities and publications.

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