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Catalogue search tips

Catalogue search tips

Guide to getting the most from our online catalogue.

Basic Keyword Search

The catalogue home page takes you into the main search entry screen where you can search for simple words or phrases appearing anywhere in a record or combine different search options for a more targeted search.


  • To search for a phrase with terms in the correct order enter the search in double quotes. For example: "numerical model". This will find numerical model, numerical models, numerical modeling, numerical modelling etc. 
  • To search for an exact phrase with terms be precisely matched (i.e no automatic truncation) choose "matching" and  "exact match" from "Show search options".
  • Use quotation marks for searching for authors e.g. "Slingo J" will search for the J immediately next to Slingo with no letters in-between.
  • You can also use an asterisk* at the beginning of a search term. For example *establish* will find disestablished, established, establishment etc.
  • You can search for word near or next to seach other with the w/# command. For example rain w/5 frost will find records where rain and frost appear within 5 words of one another.
  • Use the question mark ?  to indicate and unknown character.

Media Type

To further target your search you can use the the Media Type option in the advanced search field selection to narrow you search to the different types of material we hold e.g. articles, books, report, data etc.  

You can limit your search to one or more Media Types by selecting  "Show search options". From here you can also search by year or year range, location or by collection.


The system dafaults to sorting by relevance, but you can choose a variety of different sort options including publication year to change the way your results are sorted.

Searching for Met Office publications

You can use the term Metsci  to search for material that has been produced by Met Office scientists whilst working at the Met Office. You can enter the term in the keyword option.

Searching for Met Office publications.

Search examples

Article search  where frost appears in the title and is limited to a media type of article.

Author search  for  articles by a specific author

Met Office article search  for peer reviewed articles by a specific Met Office author published for the Met Office.

Met Office reports searches for reports (electronic and hard copy) published by Met Office authors for the Met Office.

A simple phrase search  looking for the terms "shipping forecast" or "shipping forecasts" in the order entered. Plurals are automatically included.

Precise search looking for the exact phrase "shipping forecast" (NOT forecasts) with a publication year of 2005

Searching for Met Office publications

Our science regularly appears in books, reports and peer reviewed journals and you can browse Publications by Met Office scientists via the online catalogue.

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